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Sr NoBusiness ActivitySuggested Custom Post Type
1Accessories (Law)Law
2Accessories for Kids-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
3Accessories for Men-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
4Accessories for Women-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
5Accident RepairsAutomobiles
6Accupunture and AccupressureDoctors
7AD DesigningAdvertising
8Advertising AgencyAdvertising
9Advertising IndustryIndustries
10Afghan Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
11Agriculture IndustryIndustries
12Agriculture Marketing SocietyAssociations and NGOs
13Airport AdvertisingAdvertising
16Aluminium IndustryIndustries
18American RestaurantEating Places
19Amusement and Theme ParkEntertainment
20Amusement ResortEntertainment
22Andhra RestaurantEating Places
23Antique FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
24Apparel-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
25AquariumCorner Stores
26Arabic Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
27Art GalleryEntertainment
28Art MuseumEntertainment
29As Legal Advisor to Companies (Law)Law
30Asian RestaurantEating Places
31ATMsCorner Stores
32ATMsFinance and Banking
33Audio Visual Equipment RentalsRentals
35Auto Rickshaw AdvertisingAdvertising
36Automobile IndustryIndustries
37Aviation IndustryIndustries
38Awadhi Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
40Ayurved Center and ShopCorner Stores
41Baby Care Products and ToysCorner Stores
42BakeryCorner Stores
43Bakery and CakesEating Places
45BankCorner Stores
46BankFinance and Banking
367Bank LockersFinance and Banking
44Banking IndustryIndustries
47Barbecue Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
48Barber and SaloonCorner Stores
49Bar-LiquorEating Places
50Beach Side HotelHotels
52Beauty Products and Personal Care ProductsCorner Stores
53Bedsheets/PillowsFurnishings and Furniture
54Bengali RestaurantEating Places
55Billiards and SnookersEntertainment
57Biotechonolgy IndustryIndustries
58Birthday ArticlesCorner Stores
59Biryani Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
60Biscuit IndustryIndustries
61BithdaysEvent Management
62Blinds and CurtainsFurnishings and Furniture
63Blood BankHospitals
64Body Works of AutomobilesAutomobiles
65Books Magazines and PeriodicalsCorner Stores
66BoutiqueCorner Stores
67Bowling CenterEntertainment
69Brazilian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
71Burger JointEating Places
72Burmese Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
73BusTravels And Tours
74Bus AdvertisingAdvertising
75Bus Operator (Cargo)Logistics
76Bus StationUtilities
77Business HotelHotels
78C & F AgentLogistics
79Cable AdvertisingAdvertising
80Cable TVTelecom
81Cancer HospitalHospitals
83Car and Cab RentalTravels And Tours
82Car Leasing & RentalsRentals
84Car WashingCorner Stores
85Car WorkshopCorner Stores
87Cargo and Shipping AgentLogistics
88Caribbean Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
89Carpets/Door MatsFurnishings and Furniture
91Cash Counting MachineFinance and Banking
92Cast Iron FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
93CateringEvent Management
94CDs, DVDs, Tapes, VCDs RentalsRentals
95Cement IndustryIndustries
96Chaat RestaurantEating Places
97Chaat VendorCorner Stores
98Charitable NGOsAssociations and NGOs
99Charitable TrustAssociations and NGOs
100Chettinad RestaurantEating Places
101Chicken VendorCorner Stores
102Children HospitalHospitals
103Children SpecialistDoctors
104Chinese AstrologyAstrology
105Chinese RestaurantEating Places
106Chit Fund CompanyFinance and Banking
107Chit FundsFinance and Banking
108Chocolate IndustryIndustries
110Cigarette and Pan ShopCorner Stores
112City Tour PackagesEntertainment
113City Wide NGOsAssociations and NGOs
114Civil Lawyers (Law)Law
116Clothing RentalsRentals
118Co Operative BankFinance and Banking
119Coaching and Tuition ClassEducation
120Coaching Classes for Overseas studiesEducation
121Coastal Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
122Coconut VendorCorner Stores
124Coffee ShopEating Places
125Coffee Shop & BarEating Places
126Coir IndustryIndustries
128Commissions (Law)Law
129Community Based NGOsAssociations and NGOs
130Company Law Lawyer (Law)Law
131ComputerHome Electronics
132Computer AccessoriesHome Electronics
133Computer CourseEducation
506Computer Printer and ConsumablesHome Electronics
134Computer RentalRentals
135Conferences and MeetingsEvent Management
136Construction Equipment RentalsRentals
137Construction IndustryIndustries
139Consumer SocietyAssociations and NGOs
140Continental RestaurantEating Places
141Cookery ClassesHobbies
142Cooking Gas DealerCorner Stores
143Co-Operative BankAssociations and NGOs
144Co-Operative BankFinance and Banking
145Co-Operative SocietyAssociations and NGOs
146Coorg Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
147Copper IndustryIndustries
149Corporate Advertising ServiceAdvertising
148Corporate HospitalHospitals
150Cosmetic IndustryIndustries
151Cottage IndustryIndustries
152Cotton IndustryIndustries
154Crane ServiceRentals
155Credit CardsFinance and Banking
156Cremation CenterHospitals
157Criminal Lawyer (Law)Law
158Crop Protection SocietyAssociations and NGOs
159Cuban Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
160Cultural CenterEntertainment
161Current AccountsFinance and Banking
162Curtains and Curtain AccessoriesFurnishings and Furniture
163Dairy IndustryIndustries
164Dance ClassesHobbies
165Day Care and Nursery SchoolCorner Stores
166Debit CardsFinance and Banking
167DecoratorsEvent Management
168Demat AccountsFinance and Banking
169Dental Clinic and HospitalHospitals
173Diagnostics and Testing LabHospitals
174Diamond IndustryIndustries
175Digital Hoarding AdvertisingAdvertising
177Dish TVTelecom
178Disposable Articles ShopCorner Stores
179District Court (Law)Law
181Domain RegistrationOnline Services
182Domectic Express CargoLogistics
183Domestic CourierLogistics
184Dosa CornerEating Places
185Dress (Law)Law
186Ear, Nose and Throat-(ENT)Doctors
187Editing StudioEvent Management
188Education Institution FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
189Education LoansFinance and Banking
190Egg Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
191Electric Appliances RentalsRentals
192Electricity DeptUtilities
193Electronic IndustryIndustries
194Email Marketing ServicesAdvertising
195Emergency MedicineDoctors
196Empowering NGOsAssociations and NGOs
197Engine and Gear Box worksAutomobiles
198EntertainmentHome Electronics
199European Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
200Event Management CompanyEvent Management
201Event Manager and ConsultantEvent Management
202Event Promotion AdvertisingAdvertising
204Eye BankHospitals
205Eye Wear SunglassesCorner Stores
206Face ReadingAstrology
207Factory Outlet for Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
208Family DoctorDoctors
209Family Matters Lawyer (Law)Law
210Far East Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
211Farm CreditFinance and Banking
212Farming SocietyAssociations and NGOs
213Fashion IndustryIndustries
215Fast FoodCorner Stores
214Fast Food RestaurantEating Places
216Fast Track Court (Law)Law
217Fertilizer IndustryIndustries
218Filipino Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
219Film IndustryIndustries
220Fine ArtsEntertainment
221Fire DeptUtilities
222Fitness CenterCorner Stores
223Fitness CenterWellness
224Fitness TrainerWellness
225Fixed DepositFinance and Banking
226FlightTravels And Tours
227FloristCorner Stores
228Flower VendorCorner Stores
229Food CourtEating Places
230Food Processing IndustryIndustries
231Footwear-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
232Foreign ExchangeFinance and Banking
233Foreign ExchangeTravels And Tours
234Forensic & ToxicologyDoctors
235Freezer Box HireRentals
236French Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
237Fruit VendorCorner Stores
275Function and Banquet HallEvent Management
238Furniture IndustryIndustries
239Fusion Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
240Gallery and MuseumEntertainment
241Garden RestaurantEating Places
242Garden/Outdoor FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
244Gardenning-EquipmentConstruction and Real Estate
245Gardenning-Nurseries and PlantsConstruction and Real Estate
246Garment IndustryIndustries
247Garment ShopCorner Stores
249General and Kirana StoreCorner Stores
250General AstrologyAstrology
251General PhysicianDoctors
252General RepairsAutomobiles
253General SocietyAssociations and NGOs
254German Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
255Gift ArticlesEvent Management
256Gift ShopsCorner Stores
257Global RestaurantEating Places
258Go KartsEntertainment
259Goan RestaurantEating Places
260Gold LoansFinance and Banking
261Golf CourseEntertainment
262Govt Aided InstitutionEducation
263Govt InstitutionEducation
264Govt OfficeUtilities
265Govt. DoctorDoctors
266Govt. HospitalHospitals
267Granite IndustryIndustries
268Graphic DesignAdvertising
269Greek Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
270Grill Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
271Grocery StoreCorner Stores
272Gujarati RestaurantEating Places
273Gym and Health Equipment DealerWellness
276Handbags and LuggageCorner Stores
277Hardware StoreCorner Stores
278Health ClubWellness
279Healthcare IndustryIndustries
280High Court (Law)Law
281High SchoolEducation
282Hindu Temple and AshramReligion
283Hoarding AdvertisingAdvertising
284Hobby CenterCorner Stores
285Holiday PlannersTravels And Tours
286Holiday ResortEntertainment
287Home AppliancesHome Electronics
288Home FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
289Home LoansFinance and Banking
291Homeopathy Center and ShopCorner Stores
292Hookah ParlourEating Places
294Horse RidingHobbies
295Hospital AdministrationDoctors
296Hospital FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
297HostingOnline Services
298Hot Dog JointEating Places
299Hotel IndustryIndustries
300Housing SocietyAssociations and NGOs
301Human Rights Lawyer (Law)Law
302Hyderabadi Biriyani RestaurantEating Places
303Hyderabadi RestaurantEating Places
304Ice Cream ParlourEating Places
305Idli OutletEating Places
308Immuno Haematology & Blood TransfusionDoctors
309Imported CarAutomobiles
310Indian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
311Individually Practising (Law)Law
312Indonesian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
314Indoor AdvertisingAdvertising
313Indoor GamesHobbies
315Inflatable Balloon AdvertisingAdvertising
316Information TechnologyEducation
317Insurance Approved-Cashless RepairAutomobiles
318Insurance CompanyFinance and Banking
319Insurance IndustryIndustries
320Insurance PoliciesFinance and Banking
321Inter EducationEducation
322International CourierLogistics
323International Express CargoLogistics
324International NGOsAssociations and NGOs
325International SchoolEducation
326Internet AdvertisingAdvertising
327Internet and Broadband Connection ProviderTelecom
328Internet BankingFinance and Banking
329Internet CenterOnline Services
330Investment ServiceFinance and Banking
331Invitation CardsEvent Management
332Irani ChaiCorner Stores
333Iranian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
334Irish Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
335IT IndustryIndustries
336Italian RestaurantEating Places
338Jain Food RestaurantEating Places
339Japanese RestaurantEating Places
341Jewellery IndustryIndustries
342Jewellery Shop and Gold SmithCorner Stores
343Juice JointEating Places
344Jute IndustryIndustries
345Karnataka RestaurantEating Places
346Kashmiri Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
347Kebab CentreEating Places
348Kerala RestaurantEating Places
349Key DuplicatorsCorner Stores
350Kids-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
351Kinder GardenEducation
352Kiosk AdvertisingAdvertising
353Kitchen AppliancesHome Electronics
354Konkan Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
355Korean Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
356Labour Court (Law)Law
357Labour Laws Lawyer (Law)Law
358Landline ProviderTelecom
359Laundry ServicesCorner Stores
360Law Book Store (Law)Law
361LawnConstruction and Real Estate
362Lawn EquipmentConstruction and Real Estate
363Leather IndustryIndustries
364Lebanese Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
365Letter of CreditFinance and Banking
366Library BooksRentals
369Logistics CompanyLogistics
370Logo DesignOnline Services
371Logo DesigningAdvertising
372Lok Adalat (Law)Law
373Lucknowi Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
374Maharashtrian RestaurantEating Places
375Malaysian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
376Mall AdvertisingAdvertising
377Mandal OfficeUtilities
378Mangalorean Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
379Mangolian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
380Manufacturer of Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
381Massage CenterWellness
383Medical Camps AssociationAssociations and NGOs
384Medical Clinic and DoctorCorner Stores
385Medical ShopCorner Stores
386Meditation CenterWellness
387Meditation ClasseHobbies
388Mediterranean RestaurantEating Places
389Men-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
390Men’s HostelHostels
391Metal/Alluminium FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
392Mexican Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
394Mining IndustryIndustries
395Misc Articles StoreCorner Stores
396Mobile Accessories and RepairerCorner Stores
397Mobile AdvertisingAdvertising
398Mobile APPFinance and Banking
399Mobile APP DeveloperOnline Services
400Mobile BankingFinance and Banking
401Mobile Connection ProviderTelecom
402Money TransferFinance and Banking
403Mortgage LoansFinance and Banking
404Mosquito NetsFurnishings and Furniture
407Motor CycleAutomobiles
405Motor Cycle and Scooter RepairerCorner Stores
406Motor Cycle Leasing & RentalsRentals
408Movers and PackersLogistics
409Movie ListingMovies
411Mughlai RestaurantEating Places
412Multi and Super Specialty HospitalHospitals
413Multi Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
415Music AcademyEntertainment
416Music ClassHobbies
417Music IndustryIndustries
418Music ShopCorner Stores
419Muslim-Mosque and DargaReligion
420Mutton VendorCorner Stores
421Mutual Fund CompanyFinance and Banking
422Mutual Fund IndustryIndustries
423Mutual FundsFinance and Banking
425Naga Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
426Name CorrectionAstrology
427National NGOsAssociations and NGOs
428Nationalised BankFinance and Banking
430NEFT/RTGSFinance and Banking
432New VehiclesAutomobiles
433Newspapers & Magazines AdvertisingAdvertising
434Night ClubEating Places
435Night ClubEntertainment
436North Indian RestaurantEating Places
437North West Frontier RestaurantEating Places
438Nuclear MedicineDoctors
440Nurseries and PlantsCorner Stores
441Observatory and PlanetariumEntertainment
442Office FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
443Office Furniture RentalsRentals
444Oil IndustryIndustries
445Old VehiclesAutomobiles
446Online Broadcasting (Event Management)Event Management
447Online Chat SoftwareOnline Services
448Online Real Estate PortalConstruction
449Online Travel and Booking PortalTravels And Tours
450Organ Transplant HospitalHospitals
451Oriental Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
453Other Hospital RelatedHospitals
454Other Items RentalsRentals
455Other ReligionReligion
456Other Services AssociationAssociations and NGOs
457Other SocietyAssociations and NGOs
458Other SpecialisationDoctors
459Other TrustAssociations and NGOs
461Outdoor AdvertisingAdvertising
460Outdoor GamesHobbies
462Paint IndustryIndustries
463Paint Shop-AutomobilesAutomobiles
464Painting ClassHobbies
466Pamphlets Insertion ServiceAdvertising
467Pan Asian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
468Panchayat OfficeUtilities
469Paper IndustryIndustries
470Paratha JointEating Places
472Parsi Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
473Part of Law Firm or Company (Law)Law
474Participatory NGOsAssociations and NGOs
475Party EntertainerEvent Management
477Pathology LabCorner Stores
478Pearl IndustryIndustries
479Persian RestaurantEating Places
480Personal LoansFinance and Banking
481Petrol BunkAutomobiles
482Pets and VerterinaryCorner Stores
483Pharmaceutical IndustryIndustries
485Pharmacy / Medical ShopHospitals
486Phone AccessoriesHome Electronics
487PhonesHome Electronics
488PhotographerEvent Management
490Pizza RestaurantsEating Places
492Plastic FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
493Plastic IndustryIndustries
494Play SchoolEducation
495Play StationEntertainment
496Police StationUtilities
497Pop Up Display Stand AdvertisingAdvertising
498Portable Display AdvertisingAdvertising
499Portuguese Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
500Post GraduationEducation
501Post OfficeUtilities
502Poultry IndustryIndustries
503Power IndustryIndustries
504PriestEvent Management
505Primary EducationEducation
507Printing and Binding WorkCorner Stores
508Printing IndustryIndustries
509Priority/Premium Banking ServicesFinance and Banking
510Private / Foreign BankFinance and Banking
511Private FinancierFinance and Banking
512Professional CoursesEducation
515PubEating Places
516Pub and BarEntertainment
514Publishing House (Law)Law
517Punjabi Dhaba and RestaurantEating Places
518Race CourseEntertainment
519Radio Diagnosis-RadiologyDoctors
521Railway AdvertisingAdvertising
522Railway Cargo ContractorLogistics
523Railway StationUtilities
524Railways IndustryIndustries
525Rajasthani RestaurantEating Places
526Readymade GarmentsApparel and Footwear
527Real Estate BrokerConstruction
528Real Estate IndustryIndustries
529Reasearch InstituteAssociations and NGOs
530Re-Fitment of old carAutomobiles
531Regular EducationEducation
532Regular Goods TransportLogistics
533Rehabilitation CenterHospitals
534Repairers of Mobile Phones, TVs and Electronic Telecom goodsTelecom
537RestaurantCorner Stores
538Retail IndustryIndustries
540Rubber IndustryIndustries
541Sale of Old FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
542Sale of PlotsConstruction
543Sales Promotion ServiceAdvertising
544Sandwich JointEating Places
545Savings AccountFinance and Banking
547School and CollegeCorner Stores
546School and CollegeEducation
549Seafood RestaurantEating Places
550Secondary EducationEducation
551Secretariat and Legislative AssemblyUtilities
552Security EquipmentHome Electronics
553Service Camps AssociationAssociations and NGOs
554Service Center of Home Electronic ItemsHome Electronics
555Service NGOsAssociations and NGOs
556Service Station attached to Vehicle DealerAutomobiles
557Services Provider-Like Auditors etcFinance and Banking
558Shamiana and RentalsEvent Management
559Shamiana Houses and RentalsCorner Stores
560Shamiana RentalsRentals
561Shares/ MF Trading CompanyFinance and Banking
562Shipping IndustryIndustries
563Shopping Mart and MallsCorner Stores
565Silk IndustryIndustries
566Sindhi Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
567Sizzler Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
568SMS MarketingAdvertising
569SMS SoftwareOnline Services
570Snacks JointEating Places
571Soap IndustryIndustries
572Social & Preventive Medicine – Community MedicineDoctors
573SocietiesAssociations and NGOs
574Software ClassesOnline Services
575Software DevelopersOnline Services
576Solar IndustryIndustries
577South Indian RestaurantEating Places
578Spanish Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
579Specialised Business SchoolEducation
580Specialist – DoctorDoctors
581Sports ActivityHobbies
582Sports GoodsWellness
584Stamps Making VendorCorner Stores
585Star HotelHotels
586Stationery StoreCorner Stores
587Steel IndustryIndustries
588Street EatsCorner Stores
589Street Food JointEating Places
590Student’s HostelHostels
591Sugar IndustryIndustries
592Supplier of Construction Material & EquipmentConstruction
593Supreme Court (Law)Law
595Swagraha FoodsCorner Stores
596Swagraha FoodsEating Places
597Sweet ShopCorner Stores
598Sweet StallEating Places
599Swimming PoolWellness
600TailorCorner Stores
601Tandoori Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
602Tarot ReadingAstrology
603Tea IndustryIndustries
604TelebankingFinance and Banking
605Telecom IndustryIndustries
606Television IndustryIndustries
608Textile IndustryIndustries
609Thai RestaurantEating Places
611Tibetian Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
612Tobacco IndustryIndustries
613Tourism IndustryIndustries
614Toy IndustryIndustries
615Tractor IndustryIndustries
616Trade AssociationAssociations and NGOs
617Trade FinanceFinance and Banking
619TrainTravels And Tours
621Trauma Care CenterHospitals
622Travel AgentTravels And Tours
623Travel CardsFinance and Banking
624Travel InsuranceTravels And Tours
625Travels OfficeCorner Stores
626Tribunal (Law)Law
628Truck BrokerLogistics
629TrustAssociations and NGOs
630Turbine IndustryIndustries
631TV & Radio AdvertisingAdvertising
632Tyre Puncture ShopCorner Stores
634Up Holstery WorksAutomobiles
637Van AdvertisingAdvertising
639Vegetable VendorCorner Stores
640Vehicle LoanFinance and Banking
641Vehicle RentalsRentals
642Vehicle ShowroomAutomobiles
643Vehicle Sparts Parts DealerAutomobiles
644Vehicle Washing ServicesAutomobiles
645Vehicle WorkshopAutomobiles
646Venereology & Leprosy-DoctorDoctors
648Video GamesEntertainment
649Video GamesHome Electronics
650Vietnamese Cuisine RestaurantEating Places
652Watch Shop and RepairsCorner Stores
653Water Dept-UtilitiesUtilities
654Water Game CenterEntertainment
655Water SportsEntertainment
656Water Tanker SupplierCorner Stores
657Wealth Management ServicesFinance and Banking
658Weaving IndustryIndustries
659Web DesignOnline Services
660WeddingEvent Management
661Welding MachinesCorner Stores
662Welfare AssociationAssociations and NGOs
663Wheel AlignmentAutomobiles
664Women-Apparel and FootwearApparel and Footwear
665Women’s HostelHostels
666Wooden FurnitureFurnishings and Furniture
667Xerox DTP and Internet CentersCorner Stores
668Yellow Pages-AdvertisingAdvertising
669Yoga CentersWellness
670Yoga ClassesCorner Stores
671Yoga ClassesHobbies
672Zinc IndustryIndustries